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New & Experienced Nurses

High burnout symptoms during at least one of the first three years of working life in healthcare were reported. Furthermore, engagement in the workplace at all levels of nursing was at its lowest point. Evidence shows that organizational commitment, working environment, and leadership may improve engagement and decrease burnout. Thus, it is critical that early in your career, you need to know what to look for when it comes to joining an organization. Additionally, it is integral for experienced nurses to understand their work trajectories to decrease burnout and bring joy back to their lives. At Nursing Education & Career Consultants (NECC), we understand the struggle and how to overcome the challenges to get where you want to go. We will be your strategic thought partner in overcoming the blocks and barriers, creating an action plan for moving forward, and ensuring that you meet and exceed your career goals. 


As much as we know the struggles and the barriers of the nursing workforce, we also know that for organizations to be sustainable and be the workplace of choice, we also have to arm these organizations with insights on the type of workforce personnel to accept and retain. We will be your strategic partner in designing retention initiatives, redefining the practice model to reduce burnout, getting the best of the frontline leaders, obtaining the best staff and leaders, and creating a positive working environment.

To All

At NECC, we believe that enhancing everyone's skills through continuing education, knowledge sharing, certification preparation, leadership skills training, speaking/presentation development, and refining soft skills  (crucial conversation, communication, etc.) will assist in creating a better version of yourself. We will be your all-in-one partner in education and training.


About Us

Our goal is to create a stable workforce with GRIT and the best version of you to provide safe and quality care to our patients and thus promote sustainable and inclusive healthcare workplaces. 



Nursing Education & Career Consultants

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